Trash Forest is an interactive installation under the theme of ecology. The idea of installation is to highlight the problem of the waste disposal and forest pollution. The clean forest is constantly cluttering up with the trash falling from the sky. You can touch/click on the trash to remove it.
The request from client was like “Let's create some photorealistic forest that is full of garbage. And let people remove garbage from the forest”.

To make the installation more immersive, I suggested to create two states: “a happy forest” and “a depressive one”, and a controlled transition between them. The more garbage is on the screen, the more extinct it gets. I also divided the scene into three main locations: the meadow, the lake and the snag. The camera is moving between these locations every 30 seconds (I sped it up for the video below).

The installation itself is 2*FullHD wall projection with a custom lidar setup. It was created for the multimedia park in Saint-Petersburg under the guidance of JazzDoIt agency.s