Ugol Naklona is a chroreographic performance made within art residence in Peredelkino Writer’s House in Moscow. The main theme of residence program was synesthesia — a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to involuntary experiences in other sensory or cognitive pathways.
As visual artist and developer I was interested in to involve someone with completely different way of expression. It lead to collaboration with russian contemporary choreographer Albina Vakhitova. I wanted to built some kind of an instrument that would work as a communicator between a performer and procedural graphics in real time. My curator Alexandra Gavrilova had made a custom interactive device: a self-made gyroscope and accelerator. I put it in a tiny ball and connected with visuals so that the performer could dance with it and control the visual part.
The music is composed by Sergey Titov.
The program that generates graphics takes data from the device and lets performer interact with the visual part while improvising. The performance itself is some kind of a dialog between human and inanimate object. It is an artistic reflection on the communications with technologies we experience every day.