Songs of Birds is the Ksenia Fedorova’s solo album released in 2021. This is a cycle of songs, accompanied by the piano and electronic sounds, narrating a story about a girl who turned into a bird in order to search for her lover. I’ve made the visual concept for this album, which included album cover, CD design and merch design as well as the video art for the performance.
My goal was to convey the minimalistic northern airiness and a touch of natural asperity of this music through generative graphics which is my main artistic approach. The recognizable images of birds were also an important part of visual message so I drew them by hand and then processed through the custom-made filter to match the style of other textures. These birds became a base for the merch.
Some of the album spreads with songs' lyrics. All the illustrations were made procedurally and then composed with Ksenia's poems; I've made the imposition for the whole packaging as well.
A silver pendant and two pins based on my birds and made by elaelae jeweler, also t-shirts in black and white and a costume concept for a performer.
The premiere of the album took place at the New Stage of Aleksandrinsky theatre in Saint-Petersburg and at DOM center in Moscow in 2021.