“Feedback Fractures” is a digital project that reflects on the phenomenon of feedback.
The idea of project originated as a result of reflection on human memory mechanism. In general, each “memory act” reproduces the last recollection of the event but not the event itself. And this is exactly how feedback algorithm in computer graphics works. I programmed some abstract moving textures where the core algorithm is based on this simple idea.
Meanwhile, this mechanism may cause inconsistencies, or co-called errors, that are determined by random factors from outer and inner worlds in a moment of recollection. In the context of project I call this errors “fractures”. These are the spontaneous changes in a feedback chain that affect an image in unpredictable way.
The project was first shown at INTERVALS Media Art Festival in Nizhny Novgorod in 2021 as 833x512 inch wall video projection with 2 channel sound. The music is written by Georgke.